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Staying In The Country I Love

About a year ago, I realized that my work papers were almost up. I could tell that I needed some more time, so I began focusing more seriously on doing what I could to make things right. I began focusing on all of the different ways to stay in the country, and I just kept coming back to the idea that I should talk with an attorney. I spoke with several different lawyers, and after filing the paperwork, I felt ready to fight for my right to stay in the home that I loved. It was really interesting to me to see how much better I felt knowing that I had the option to stay. Check out this blog for more information.


Questions To Ask Immigration Lawyers At The Initial Meeting

29 November 2021
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Immigration cases in the US, such as permanent citizenship, can be complex, especially when handling the case independently. Therefore, you likely require an immigration lawyer to help you. However, you need to find the right immigration lawyer. If you've identified a prospective immigration attorney, there are a few essential questions you should ask to determine whether or not they're ideal for your immigration case. Here are the top questions to ask potential immigration lawyers during the first meeting. Read More …

How Immigration Lawyers Can Help With Removal Defense

1 June 2021
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Immigration lawyers are an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to live and work in the United States. They can guide you in navigating the immigration system, which is vital because of its complexity. Removal defense is one of their principal areas of expertise. Are you facing deportation and need help? Read on to learn whatremoval defense attorneys do and how they may help you with your case. Who Is a Removal Defense Attorney? Read More …

Why Your Visa Application May Be Denied

1 October 2020
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A lot of people have hopes of traveling to the United States for school, work, and even vacation. However, they often find themselves a bit overwhelmed and confused by the overall visa process. This is particularly true if their visa application is rejected. The immigration law in the United States is rather complex, meaning that a lot of applications can be denied simply due to minor errors that can be easily corrected or prevented in the first place. Read More …

Things An Immigration Attorney Can Do For You

12 November 2018
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If you're from another country, you may find it hard to communicate in another region. It's important to rely on the expertise of a professional to assist you. There are varying reasons you may need to turn to an immigration attorney over the years. Learning some of the things this legal expert can do is essential. Gather your paperwork Becoming a legal citizen in another country can be a complicated matter. Read More …

Common Immigration Myths

7 June 2018
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While it is common for individuals to permanently immigrate to the United States from other countries, the process of obtaining citizenship is often surrounded by many different misconceptions and myths. These pieces of inaccurate information can lead to individuals making serious misjudgments when they are attempting to decide whether or not to start the immigration process. Myth: A Better Option Is To Apply For A Job With An Employer That Does Not Check Immigration Status Read More …